Varenne chair

The Varenne is a new interpretation of the typical single-piece chair in which a curved plywood structure is grafted onto a steel tube base.

Designer: Marina Bani

To these two components, which in themselves perfectly create the chair’s sturdiness and comfort, we wanted to infuse the personality of leather: not simply overlapping a material to finish the wood, but “dressing” the seat in leather.

Emanating from this sartorial design are the folds, cuts and seams of the leather, which are turned under the front edge of the seat to soften the contact with the legs; and on the upper edge of the back rest they fold back, like a satchel, deliberately left abundant to create a grip, or handle to lift the chair and move it easily.

The metal structure is a simple “stand” that supports this “saddle”, to which we dedicate the name of a famous and elegant Italian horse.

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