Sorrento table

The Sorrento project came from a request for a table that would meet the needs of Chinese customers, who traditionally prefer a round table. In particular, there was a request for a large table to comfortably accommodate eight diners. In addition, a rotating disc was requested for the centre of the table from which, according to Chinese custom, the dishes are shared.

Designer: Marina Bani, Marco Penati

We wanted to underline this function by creating a contrast of materials between the top, in 4-sector inlaid wood with grain pattern, and the rotating Lazy-Susy disc in stone or marble.

For situations with less space, there is a smaller diameter version without the Lazy-Susy.

The Sorrento has an ultralight steel base, with a design that makes it extremely stable, therefore ensuring that the large size and the stone disc in the centre do not affect stability.

The legs can be upholstered in leather.

tavolo sorrento

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