Laguna wardrobe

A column cabinet system with various storage functions, equipped with all the components needed to customise and optimise space and functionality.

Designer: Marina Bani, Marco Penati

The various modules are juxtaposed through projecting shoulders with wooden pillars finished in leather. The wardrobe can be open, or closed with hinged doors.
A unique element is the door’s finish, which carries great importance in the system’s composition and imparts a certain personality to the environment.
The columns, equipped inside according to the different modules, can in fact be closed with the following details:

  • Glass doors, with wooden structure
  • Smooth leather doors, fully upholstered with sectors finished with stitching
  • Decorated leather doors with leather “belts” applied on satin brass foil to create an exclusive and tailored effect

The wardrobe is completed by the special brass hinges and handles, which have been engraved and created exclusively.

Adjusted to the right dimensions, the system can be of a bespoke design, based on the space available to the customer.

Armadio Laguna

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