Eno cabinet

Starting out as a request for a wine display cabinet, the Eno aims to be a “gallery” of bottles that display the best parts of themselves: the labels.

Designer: Marina Bani

This is how the project was born, aimed at creating optimal shelving for selected bottles.

Often, however, the differences between bottles, in terms of sizes, seals and shapes, confuse the overall vision of a fine cellar. This is why leather shields have been inserted, creating uniformity by highlighting the most fascinating detail of the bottle: its label.

Marina Bani recalls that in the period of Eno’s design, when the restoration of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice was finally lit up, she was so fascinated by the visual power of the gallery’s obsessive repetition that she superimposed the leather arches to frame the bottles, giving them each their own stage.

The Eno is completed by a drawer equipped with a pull-out service top. A version with glass doors is also available.

madia eno

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