Cortina wardrobe

This is an open, walk-in wardrobe, equipped with all the components needed to customise and optimise the space and functionality.

Designer: Marina Bani

Particular attention has been paid to the vertical components that are not just considered as simple back panels or base supports. On the contrary, they give life to the walls, they become protagonists with their embossed striped motif finish, providing three-dimensionality and light-and-dark effects to the environment.

The same play of light and shadow is repeated on the large wardrobe doors’ vertical panels, which, added to the system, completes the piece with the closed components. To maintain the scenic effect of the embossed panels we specifically opted for large doors with sliding or coplanar opening systems.

The decision to cover these panels in eco-leather was not accidental: this material in fact allows large surfaces to be covered seamlessly, which with leather would not be possible.
Other parts of the wardrobe system are covered in leather, such as the drawer fronts, or there are leather inserts, such as the hanging-rail accessories.

Adjusted to the right dimensions, the system can be of a bespoke design, based on the space available to the customer.

Armadio Cortina

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