Amerigo sofa

The idea here was to create a semi-rigid leather basket with a soft, padded interior. The Amerigo is a sofa clearly inspired by the aesthetic canons of nineteenth-century naval furniture.

Designer: Marina Bani, Marco Penati

The shape freely interprets the “boat” line traditionally widespread in Europe, especially France, when the Imperial style was en vogue. The name derives from its boat-like shape: the backrests on the shorter sides are widened outwards, folded and grafted onto the lower sides.

In nineteenth century naval times its style had been used as a bed, typically positioned with the long side resting against the wall; it is perhaps for this reason that it can be easily used as a sofa, with the backrests transformed into armrests.

The Amerigo takes up the salient features of the original archetype and revisits them with a modern design, though still reminiscent of a rich past.

divano in pelle Amerigo

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