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Leather, tradition, design

The charm of Casa Covre’s creations lies in the fact that they are works of art. Not masterpieces to be preserved for safe-keeping, rather, works of art to be touched, lived and even reproduced, in the handcrafted way, not via mass production. The creativity in their designs, the sophisticated manual skills involved in their production and their distinguishing functionalities; this creates a mysterious contamination imparting a certain sacredness to these works, typical of the world of art or precious objects.

For us, quality is a core daily value made up of many things.

Quality is workmaship. Executed with care and to the satisfaction of all those who take part in the realisation of a project. From those who design, weld the iron, sew the fabric, as well as those who frame the piece in a photo and set it out in the catalogue.

Quality is honesty. Honesty not only to the customer buying the product, but also that expressed in the making of the product. Honesty to those who work and are adequately rewarded, not exploited, for their work.
Quality is health. Respect for the environment, for materials used wisely, without waste, without compromising on what cannot be seen. And above all, the health of those who work with us.

Quality is pride. Pride in having participated in an idea and fulfilled it to the best of one’s ability: be it the designer, the craftsman or the entrepreneur, the feeling of pride in whole or in part from being able to say “I did this”.
Quality is art

Our Designers

Find out who is behind the excellence of our products
architetto marina bani

Marina Bani


architetto marco penati

Marco Penati


architetto michele mantovani

Michele Mantovani



Quality and excellence

Relative quality derives from the optimisation of production, customisation and price; absolute quality is the product’s perfection. This is the only quality we pursue at CASA COVRE. Excellence is a stimulus, and it is achieved by overseeing many different aspects. It is born with the project, with the style and design of the furniture objects, it is matured in the search for comfort and functionality, and it and it is completed with perfect realisation of the piece, handcrafted, in the deepest sense of the term .

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